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“Sometimes the people whom we’ve known for only a short amount of time have a bigger impact on us than those we’ve known forever.”  – Unknown

The Unknown

Reflecting on recent events in my life, I was thinking about how to make a difference. But, one issue came up. We each have our own idea of what that difference truly is. About a week ago, I randomly got into a conversation on Twitter with this really lovely young lady that came to an impasse in life. Somehow, I could sense her pain through 140 characters and a profile pic. On a whim, I ended up talking to her on my views on religion, life and even the importance of preparing yourself for the future even when you have to do things that you personally don’t enjoy. After I finished talking to her, I realized that sometimes we learn more from ourselves than from others, applying our own advice to our lives. The whole, “If you are pointing a finger at someone, you are pointing three more at yourself” rings true more times than not.

Near the end of our conversation, she said, “I hope that I am able to help you as much as you help me.” Those words rang in my heart for a while after. This person that I wouldn’t even know if I passed her on the street, found some type of comfort in my words.

I know that it has been a few times that I have adopted phrases from people whose names I can’t remember. I’ve picked up lines from songs that I couldn’t even describe how the chorus went but I could say, “The biggest enemy while on a mission is idle time” or “progress is a slow process”.

slow progress

I remember the majority of Mr. Edward’s lessons on life in science class(5th grade)were more than the advice my closest friends have given. I remember that while making something of yourself, you will pass people who will reach the top by escalator and elevator but it will mean more if you take the stairs. Cherish each step.


Then, I compare those impacts to some of the people who have been in my life long enough to know at least two nicknames I was called, an embarrassing fact and a past girlfriend. Very few of those people have guided me out of the truly dark spots in my life with anything more than repeating what they went through and how those times were worse.

Hopefully, I motivated her to change a part of her life that really needed change. Even though we haven’t spoken since then, I hope that maybe when the time is right,  my words will matter. Five years down the road, when I am nothing more than faint voice, hopefully I can be a comforting word she gives to someone else that needed it. By then it becomes less about it being my efforts that changed a life and more about changing a life in general.

Peace, Passion, Love and

Keep Dreaming,

Mr. Magnificent Miles

Miles Michael

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