Merry Christmas

Despite the fact that Christmas starts the day after Halloween, I would like to wish everyone out there a joyous holiday/holiday season!

I wanted to remind everyone that the true purpose of the holidays are to help communities come together and enjoy each others’ presence(Not Presents) in lighthearted manner. Christmas itself is supposed to signify the birth of hope in an otherwise bleak and difficult world. Whether Jesus was born at this time of the year or whether a large man in a red suit really has the innate ability to bring the child-like joy out of anyone, we should enjoy this time with each other.

If we do that, this season becomes less about the shopping, commercialization, religious back and forth, and ridiculous food creations (Can anyone explain why people make fruit cake, minced meat pie or candy corn?)  and more about the using these precious moments while they can still be enjoyed. Realize that no matter how rocky 2010 was, you made it through and still managed to get a pair of free socks out of the deal. Someone out there thinks that you are special and that cherishes you existence.

So, hopefully enjoy your family gatherings or just time to yourself. Take today to marvel in the wonders of life and smile for once, unwind and just take today to be joyful. You have all the reasons to be.

Merry Christmas to all, and all Good Night!

Miles Michael

Published by Magnificent Miles

I'm a little dreamer with big dreams that wants to be far from ordinary and go anywhere that's not familiar. The Lord is my guide as I attempt to improve, not just my own, but everyone's quality of life.

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