New Years/New Start Resolution #2 – Get Organized

I was a little caught up yesterday helping out with family, so I was left with a draft instead of getting a chance to post it. So a day late, but here’s number 2!

“I write down everything I want to remember. That way, instead of spending a lot of time trying to remember what it is I wrote down, I spend the time looking for the for the paper I wrote it down on.”- Beryl Pfizer

Work Too Much?

Organization is my second New Years Resolution. Why? Because the majority of people are either so organized, they err on the side of Obsessive Compulsive or so organization-phobic that they prefer to live somewhere similar to Oscar the Grouch. Often to my dismay, I am either at the positive side of the spectrum, living comfortably next to godliness in clean-ville or trotting around organized chaos, tripping over notebooks and clothes baskets.

I’m am usually tidy. If I can, I like to have everything where I can get my hands on it. I like my clothes to be one place, my books one and my papers another. However, one issue is when I don’t have a place for everything. I don’t have a file-cabinet. I don’t have the right number of shelves. I don’t have a Shamwow (c) for cleaning all of those places that regular sponges, towels and rags don’t cut it at.

Well, maybe not exactly the Shamwow (c) thing, but otherwise, I find myself scouring for papers that, “I placed it somewhere that I wouldn’t forget…now where was it that I placed the reminded of where I placed it so I wouldn’t forget…?” Or, I end up triple booking myself and realizing that sometimes I really need to invest in cloning research.

However, as I mature, I also realize that the appointments for a group meeting for a presentation due next month, will eventually turn into an appointment that could cost me  a business deal or even worse, someone’s life (As I plan to be a doctor someday). I am now realizing that because I believe my time is that important, I must treat it as such.

If I want other people to value when I take moments out of my day to converse over coffee, I need to make sure I value the moments of my day also. I need to make sure that I don’t waste it by doing nothing unproductive. If I work, I work with a purpose. If I am unwinding, I need to relax with a purpose. Then maintain a regular schedule that still allows for flexibility but strict enough to keep me from getting too lax.

I am already in possession of a good planner for the next year. I have a planner, a schedule and I am in the market for a calendar/to-do board  and file cabinet to go in my apartment. I have already started to sort out and schedule my time INCLUDING Relaxation time. As silly as that sounds, that’s a must.  Most of the objects following are for papers and time management, another facet will be focused on in the next post in the series.

The Plan

Buy Binders, folders, dividers, and organizers, preferably color-coded by what they relate to.  Ex. Anything red could relate to your possible Red Cross Volunteer Job.

Calender: This is where to write major events, due dates, bills, birthdays and special occasions. Nothing that can’t be expressed in two to three words maximum.

Schedule: This is usually where I will keep my daily plan. This includes Classes, Appointments, Homework, Writing Time, Meals,Workouts, Devotional and Me Time.

Planner: This is a combination of Schedule and To-do List but mostly used to keep track of assignments and other necessities.

To Do list (Board): Lines up tasks to have done for the day.

Wish List: Yes, not just for Christmas anymore. This is for all the necessities that are needed around the house or personally. Also, divide up a small portion for wants to serve as possible rewards for keeping up with goals.

Goal List: So many people lose track of their goals by being so caught up in everything else. This can be coupled with a small part for equivalent rewards that you cannot receive until the goal is achieved. Keep in plain sight to keep on task.

Once a month, (On your newly purchased calender) make sure that you take a day for cleaning and making sure that everything is still organized and neat. Throw away old papers that are no longer of use, keep up to date items and important documents that shouldn’t be disposed in a safe place like a file cabinet [Note: Get a file cabinet to place documents that will be safe from getting mixed with unimportant items .] Look over, re-evaluate and update old goals and lists. Vacuum, sweep, mop, sanitize,wash (Every two weeks) and dust. This day is to return anything that strayed from order and cleanliness to return.

Afterward, reward yourself. Go and enjoy a movie. Have a meal and good conversation with a close friend. Now that your house and life are in order, you have a clear view on everything else. Enjoy the view.

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