New Years/New Start Resolution #4 – Object in Motion

Probably the TOP New Years Resolution is to lose weight or gain muscle. Hopefully a combination of both. However, people fail most within a few months of the usual goal.

There are a few inherent problems with their goals.

  1. Too Grand/Too Minuscule
  2. Not Specific Enough
  3. Unrealistic time-frames
  4. Faulty/Bad Planning
  5. Inflexibility to Change
  6. Lacks Follow-through

Dissecting the logic or lack of improper goal setting will be saved for another post, however I will address a few issues for this matter. When setting goals, it is best that when you decide on a goal, to break it to small, manageable goals that you can keep track of over a period of time. You have to give yourself a definite goal with small checkpoints along the way. That way, with each checkpoint, you can reward yourself to boost motivation and if something unexpected happens along the way, slight changes can be made to the following checkpoint to get you back on task. Then, once you reach a period where you are comfortable, upkeep and maintenance are a must.

Over the past few years, I have been making the same goals and mistakes as other people. I have promised that I would go a work out at least 3 times a week. I have promised to start running and working out with others. I have even had close friends find me to work out with and somehow still managed to mess things up. This year, my plan is simple.

My New Years/New Start Resolution # 4 is to get in set in motion. An object in motion, stays in motion unless acted upon by an equal and opposite force. My motion is to move. I want to get active. I need to stop myself from further developing a sedimentary lifestyle. I’m not over-weight. In fact, I am rather slim build. However, I am the most afraid of being the skinny guy with a belly or small guy that is clearly out of shape.

So, I set up a plan, looked at past mistakes and successes and decided on my plan.

  • Reduce laziness as much as possible. Biggest place to reduce laziness is to walk, run or ride a bike. During warm and decent weather seasons, I plan to either walk or ride my bike too and from work or school. Cheap and easy.Plus, it’s unrealistic to say I want to start running if I hate running.
  • Re-initiate my morning 15 minute body weight  exercises. Do them before my shower and breakfast in the morning to wake me up and start my day. This is a simple workout that easily becomes habit.
  • Find a DEPENDABLE/ STUBBORN weight-lifting partner that knows what he is doing, doesn’t intimidate but most importantly, wants to see me doing well. This is the work-out buddy that is in shape but not ridiculously ripped. I find this better than the guy that is in the same position as you because you can learn from the other person and he knows not to distract you while not impeding his workout any.
  • Find a sport or activity that challenges but not consumes livelihood. These are usually recreation sports teams, yoga or martial arts. These are ways to be around people, have interaction, learn and unwind. I especially recommend yoga or martial arts because they can be practiced in solitude. For me, this was an awesome hapkido class that I discovered but I used up the free trial.

The most important principle to getting in motion is surrounding yourself with like minded people. People that want to participate or people that already live an active lifestyle are great people to be around. Moving is contagious.

Keep Moving Forward Dreamers!

Miles Michael.

P.S. Oh, about that equal and opposite force thing.  Plan first to overwhelm the urge to be brought to a halt by constantly reminding yourself of your reasoning. If your reason is to get a man, you lose your reasoning the moment that condition is met. Do it for you and your health. Remind yourself of that everyday.Then, once you finally start feeling the benefits, write it down, remind yourself and cherish the feeling. It will become motivation later on because it only feels better.

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