New Years/New Start Resolution #5 – Eat Right


Yeah...I would be freaked out too


As I slowly creepy away from my early twenties, I start to worry more about my waistline increasing into the upper thirties. Maybe it’s because most of my friends are either getting married or pregnant and the husbands are starting to match their pregnant wives. Maybe it’s because I am at the point where I can no longer expect a grow a couple inches to balance anything out. Or maybe it’s because this stupid skinny jean phase destroying my chance of getting a decent pair of loose fit straight leg jeans without it being too tight in the thigh, calf or butt. Frankly, working out and eating right become more and more important each day.

So, my New Years/New Start Resolution #5 is too eat better and eat right.

What’s eat right you say? Eating things in moderation and cutting out all hints of potentially hazardous eating habits.I enjoy an occasional slice of cake, scoop of ice cream and binge of sour patch kids as much as the next guy but not all at one time. I go half of the day without eating  and then eat a huge meal in the afternoon, then nothing for the rest of the day. I sometimes get a craving (i.e. hungry), am too lazy to cook, so then I microwave popcorn, Cup Noodles, rice and devour  chips, dove dark chocolate, pudding while guzzling a carton of Minute Maid Raspberry Lemonade. Enough is enough and it’s time to change!

So, below are my five ways how I plan to improve my diet for the new year.

  1. No more fried food. Fried food is bad for you on so many levels. Fried food is so addictive that people will fry ANYTHING. Look at fried Mars bars.
  2. No more “enriched” flour unless when other options are available. I don’t know if you can buy just plain flour that hasn’t been bleached white. But, it’s enriched only because they bleached it, took the nutrients out of it, then injected them back in. Sounds redundant? Probably because it is.
  3. Desserts from now on are now only fresh fruit including apple sauce… with a 1 chocolate treat a week rule. Preferably dark chocolate with as little additional changes to it as possible.
  4. Smaller serving sizes and more meals. If I get hungry, eat something small and healthy. Fruit, Veggies and Nuts are great choices. 3 meals a day with one to two optional snacks are also mandatory from this day forth.
  5. DRINK MORE WATER!!! There is so much to say about the life giving substance that I will end the post right here and guarantee an entire post to this later on today.


You are what you eat, so be healthy Dreamers!


Miles Michael

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