New Years/New Start Resolution #6 – Drink Water!


Just Drink It!


I can spit out hundreds of facts about water and only scratch the surface. It cleanses your body, pushing out toxins and hazardous materials in the body. It replenishes the body’s organs, especially the brain and acts as bodily medium for all major reactions. Water makes up over  75% of the human body, conveniently the same percentage as our planet. Proper hydration insures the proper function of protein synthesis which builds/repairs muscle. Water regulates body temperature, improves digestion, helps metabolize fat and the benefits go on and on.

New Years/New Start Resolution#6, DRINK MORE WATER!In my average day, I probably drink a high total number of ZERO glasses of water. Yes, that’s sad. I do drink juice and milk like it’s going out of style but I need to start drinking water. It is recommended that the average person drinks 8 glasses of water a day (roughly 2L). It has been stated that 8 glasses is a number without any scientific link, but either way it goes, the more water you drink, the less likely you are to have problems with digestion, weight and other issues. Rule of Thumb: If your urine is not completely clear, you need to drink more water. Just try not to drink too much water (which takes an extreme amount of water drinking) which would be over a gallon depending on physical activity. Either way, water is good. Drink On Dreamer!

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