In the Face of Adversity

There are many times in life where you will face challenges that seem insurmountable. Those are the challenges that you ask yourself, how did I get myself into this. Those are the moments in life where part of you just wants to go hide under the covers and not go out until it’s gone, like the monster in your closet. However, unlike the monsters you faced as a child, these monsters don’t just go away when the light comes on. What do you do against the eight foot purple monster bullying you into a corner and eating your jar of self-confidence your mom bought you before you went off to college? You fight back.

I have made countless mistakes. I have failed in so many things that it makes no sense. No, seriously, when I say I failed, I have FAILED. I been to a point where life has weighed so heavily on me and I was so crushed by its sheer magnitude that it would have been easier to just walk off into the sunset than start from where I was at. I cried until I felt like I ran out of water. I thought until my brain became mush. I tried to keep the fire going until I burned out.

Then in that moment, when I felt that everything I tried my hand at would fail (and it did), a small voice told me to get up. It told me to don’t be ashamed of your mistakes. Don’t look down or away. It told me that those mistakes will make your successes even more remarkable and victorious. Do not be afraid of failure and challenges because you are given what you need to succeed.

I had to rise up. I had to adapt. I had to look beyond the levels of things that were before me and reach out. They say that the moment you give up, is the true moment everything is hopeless, and I agree. There is always another option, chance or approach to succeed. If you try 999 times and fail each time, maybe 100 will be the one. If you keep trying, something will give way. Even if it takes looking for a infinitesimal change in your favor, that is still a change in your favor. Those small changes add up.

Check this video out! My favorite is: “It is the people who are born talented that are the best, but I say it is the people who will never give up no matter how much they fall that will become the best.”

Never Give Up Dreamers!

Miles Michael

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I'm a little dreamer with big dreams that wants to be far from ordinary and go anywhere that's not familiar. The Lord is my guide as I attempt to improve, not just my own, but everyone's quality of life.

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