Ordinary Day

I randomly was picking songs for me to listen to off my iPod and came across Vanessa Carlton’s Ordinary Day.

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Today though, something was strangely familiar and different about the way I felt about her chorus. I listened over and over to the song and it kept echoing in my head. That boy, that ordinary boy, reminds me of myself.

Ordinary Day Remedy Game Poster
If he didn’t save the dog, I could have beaten him today!! Dang! Who’s throwing babies onto a highway?

A boy with a dream, asking a girl to see what he sees, saying that time won’t escape you if you seize each day. Each day, he finds what he looks for. What am I looking for? I’m looking for myself. And like a shooting star, I want to shine long after I am gone and help others that have seen the reflection of my life as a reason to allow themselves to wish and dream.


“Don’t you see your dreams lie right in the palm of your hand.”

People have given up on the power of a thought. People have long forgotten how it feels to dream. Do you remember that feeling of wonder we used to have every day as children? We would like up and be surprised by the simplest things. Watching the rain outside or a star streak through the sky would bring so much joy and wonderment. What happened to that? Why have we allowed the world to strip that from us? We have the power to do what we like. Everything in this world is a man-made concept. Time, Money, Duties and Struggles. Today, I feel liberated. Uplifted by that feeling that used to be so close to my heart is finally returning. I AM happy.

“Just a Day, just an, Ordinary Day. Just trying to get by.”

Even the Dog smells the ordinary...or the socks...
Even the Dog smells the ordinary…or the socks…

I am tired of just trying to get by. The mundane existence that is perpetuated by our own self limitations. Who told you that you aren’t beautiful? Who said you AREN’T magnificent? Who said that you have to bow down to the structure this society has created? Why can’t you go against the grain? I’m not saying become a nomad all of a sudden, but, you don’t always have to play by their rules. Who’s “They”? Frankly, I don’t know and it no longer matters.

“I started to realize, that everyday he finds what he’s looking for.”


What are you looking for? I am looking to make the best of everyday and finally break the chains that have bound me so long. Everyday is day one. Every step is the first one. The past is the past. Now is the time to make the future, the reality we dream. Live while you can.

Peace, Passion, Love and

Keep Dreaming,

Mr. Magnificent Miles
“The ordinary boy that spoke ordinary words while looking to the sky.”

Published by Magnificent Miles

I'm a little dreamer with big dreams that wants to be far from ordinary and go anywhere that's not familiar. The Lord is my guide as I attempt to improve, not just my own, but everyone's quality of life.

2 thoughts on “Ordinary Day

  1. it’s so good to see you back to blogging, Meelayz : )
    truly enjoyed reading this. i pray you continue to find the strength and inspiration to keep dreaming those big dreams. i’ve recently decided to start incorporating some fiction into my reading in the hope of using the imagination of others to nourish mine.

    1. Great thing about inspiration is that it comes from all types of places. Recently, I still haven’t reached all my goals but, now I find myself listening more to that little voice and searching for life’s surprises. I recommend StumbleUpon for random inspiration too. But, I hope to make blogging one of my outlets again. It gives me strength.

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