Y.O.L.O. & Ratchets versus Class & Carpe Diem

And here I thought it meant something about Oreos...
And here I thought it meant something about Oreos…

Y.O.L.O. is by FAR one of the most annoying phrases of the 21st century next to swag being used in a Toyota Commercial.

That little girl is so cute.

   Anyway, I love a bit of reckless abandonment of inhibition as the next person. But, Y.O.L.O. has gotten too large and gone too far. Y.O.L.O. now means, let’s get drunk and do something that might get us placed on WorldStarHipHop.com. Yolo Tan

Better yet, some people have taken Y.O.L.O. to mean that because they are only going to live once that they are impervious to injury, STIs, the law and anything that could have a negative consequence.

YOLO-YOYOHowever, I won’t speak like the title of a non-existent Drake/Rick Ross mixtape is still being commonly quoted but it has influenced the following wave of “ratchetness”.

Ratchet Definition: The entry alone was so hilariously in-depth that I just included it for people who have some extra time.

But for those not wanted to have images of women with sugar-plum colored hair dancing in their heads. I can give you the end result. Any woman who you see out and immediately sigh the moment they start talking, looks extremely unkept and overall would make Martin Luther King Jr. roll over in his grave, is generally a ratchet. It has now been broadened to girls dancing which is overly sexualized and could be confined to a strip club.

Now, let me get this straight, every once in a while, a man loves to have a young lady let her hair down and get a little crazy, but the concept behind class is understanding there is a time and a place for everything. As a red-blooded American Male, the easier I feel a girl is to ensnare, the better off my night will be. But, those women are usually not the ones that I introduce to all my friends. We don’t take pictures together on social networking sites and you rarely get text messages before basic cable channels start showing infomercials.

Now, women will curse out anyone, take pictures with their hands in their crotches, booties out and just anything that 10-12 years ago would have been censored by AOL Safe Search. But, the underlying meaning of what Y.O.L.O. really meant was lost. You Only Live Once had to do with grinding and making the most out of each moment because you can’t get the time back that you wasted. It didn’t mean, don’t care about your future.

Even a man that has done the most Y.O.L.O. moments on camera has clarity sometimes.
Even a man who has done the most Y.O.L.O. moments on camera has clarity sometimes.

Carpe Diem is a very similar phrase which could be traced to a completely different meaning but to keep my word count low, I will explain it like this. Y.O.L.O. is true but the same thing can be said about regrets. You can’t take them back once they exist. There is no undo button in life, so you have to be present in the future and the present at the same time. Set up your future carefully and enjoy the moments you have now, because they will benefit you in the long run. Do something you are scared to do like travel or try new foods but leave the planking on cop cars for someone else. It’s really hard to explain that misdemeanor in a job interview. Until Next Time!

Stay Classy,

Miles Michael

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