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Back When Nike Motivated You
Back When Nike Motivated You

One of the things I realized about being successful at life, is understanding the importance of everything to have its place. People commonly put off everything until tomorrow. You’re not happy enough. You hate your girlfriend. Your major bores you. Work is just a way to pay the bills. Your friends all look better in your clothes than you. You just need some motivation.

Whoa, not that much motivation.
Whoa, not that much motivation.

Truthfully speaking, I am still working on getting exercise in my life. So, I am not going to act like I haven’t tried to start going to the gym daily. I have, every year, for the last six years, multiple times. But, what I have been doing is paying attention to how my body acts and even my self-esteem when I don’t hit the gym. It is extremely hard when everyone there looks like they have been taken straight out of Marvel’s Thor.

I don't even remember what the movie was about but $450 Million says something was done right.
I don’t even remember what the movie was about but $450 Million says something was done right. Even if it was only picking Australian Actors. 

While I am sitting in the front near a mirror, looking like I’m from LMAO without the goth bystanders.

I'm sexy and I know It.
I’m sexy and I know It. And if you don’t know, now you know.

The thing they never taught you while in school was how much exercise, even though it hurts and takes forever for it to work, really helps in other things. In the past year, I’ve been suspected of having ADHD and one of the things I did in my life was start working out, eating right and sleeping more. The working out seemed to really have an impact on how I thought for the day. Things seemed to just be clearer. Each time my mind got tangled in a knot by too many assignments or problems with women or my mother calling about the most frivolous of things, I’d leave it behind for an hour at the gym. Sometimes it would still be there waiting for me when I returned home. But most of the time, things didn’t seem as urgent anymore.

But, I won’t say everyone needs to do my favorite exercise to “free their mind”. But I will stress the importance of finding something to do, HEALTHY, that can be a physical outlet. A lot of women Zumba. I really like martial arts for younger boys to teach control. Yoga, Tai-Chi, Skating, Racquetball, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Golf, Weight Lifting, Dancing, Running, Swimming and the list goes on. Recently, I’ve gotten into Running and rowing for my pleasures. I don’t need anyone to do them with and I can zone out the world around me.

The great thing about working out is that it really does help your mind.

Benefits of exercise
Imagine the person Pink and with Short Shorts for the women readers.

But most importantly, you can always look at yourself in the mirror afterward and know you did something better than what you did the day before. My family has a history of high blood pressure, diabetes and I have really bad lower back. I went from not being able to touch my toes to in two months touching. It wasn’t a HUGE change but it made me think that even though I feel like death a destruction while I am there, afterward I love myself. Until Next Time!

Peace, Passion, Love and

Keep Dreaming,

Mr. Magnificent Miles




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  1. Very entertaining post, I enjoy your writing style and you seem to have a lot to say! I myself am a motivator of fitness as well, so it’s nice seeing others promoting the same thing.

    Anyways, keep it up,

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