Halcyon Days: Dreams and the Dreamgiver

Dreams and Dream Giver

As a little throwback and gift for visiting my new page. I’ll share what’s on my iPod. For anyone that knows me, knows that I am a HUGE music-head. I perform covers, originals and have been working with bands since 2008. So, I went through a very dark point in my life in 2010 and here is a mix that came out of it. Very uplifting, very soulful and 100% how I felt.

Halcyon Days: Dreams and The Dreamgiver

  1. Every Man Has A Dream (Intro)
  2. Letter To God
  3. Cold War (Wondamix)
  4. Dear God
  5. Blinking Pigs (1-O.A.K. “God Made Me Funky” Remix)
  6. Under Construction
  7. Black & Gold
  8. Infinite Possibilities
  9. Wishful Thinking
  10. In Due Time
  11. Hold On (ft. Maysa)
  12. Jag Jam Jazz
  13. Father
  14. Don’t Just Dream
  15. Don’t Let Go Of Your Dreams

Until Next Time,

Peace, Passion, Love and

Keep Dreaming,

Mr. Magnificent Miles

What do you guys think? Do you like it? Should I do more of these?


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