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Right now it is 4:23am on a Friday Morning, I am going to have to wake up in 4 hours and start my day, but I am taking this chance to exemplify today’s message. Start NOW! Go! That thing you were planning to do when you had a chance. Forget the concept of having a chance. Most of the time, you won’t. Remember that friend that said the perfect man was going to walk into her life, found him and lived happily ever after? 

Yeah, Neither Do I
Yeah, Neither Do I

The point is, in the human mind. Everything is broken up into twos. You have light and Dark. Love and Hate. Good and Evil. Chocolate and Everything else. But the duality that will affect you life most will be the Now and Later.

Later never comes. It’s a myth. A dangerous myth that has destroyed many a man and will devour their souls. Later is the reason why only the bare minimum gets done. If you look around at the effort people put in, they only act when the later becomes now. Rarely do people act in advance.

When do most people pay their bills? Right before it is overdue. When do most students do their homework? The Night before. When do we expect to get a better job, friends or pick up a new hobby? LATER.

Later slowly saps all the life out of people until they are only left with regret, the most poisonous emotion to have. Regret is fears big brother that comes by only to laugh in your face and help you sink more into whatever hole you could fit in from waiting until later to start working out. Then Later becomes too Late and it’s over.

if-not-now-then-when-inspired-to-share-ribbon-typeAction conquers Fear.  It is that ability to just do that makes the difference between happy people and not. Action will not have you stuck in the same dead-end job for 30 years. Action allows you to create opportunities which become options which become freedom. Action becomes boldness people sense intuitively and boldness is a trait that truly gets respected in the world. How do you get the girl in of your dreams. Say something. How do you get the job of your dreams. Do something. How do you live the life you feel you deserve, act.

I am asking that you pick today and when a thought comes into your head talking about what you wish you did or would like to do, do it. It may not be easy or be too big to do in one step. But, take the step. If you wanted to travel to Japan. Look up where you would like to go, how much it might cost and maybe even buying a passport. I’m not saying it’s easy but I am staying it’s worth the work. Pick Something and Do it. NOW!

Peace, Passion, Love and

Keep Dreaming,

Mr. Magnificent Miles

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