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Today, I had planned to post probably three different posts but this one motivated me to write and I decided to share. This will hopefully allow me to go deeper and give more into my writing. For the record. I love comic books. I love the color, the art, the different story-lines and the vivid detail put into each panel. I love how the stories can be so engrossing and vast while still managing to connect on some level to the most basic of lifestyle. In fact, my best friend and I worked on a comic all throughout high school that I still keep today. Today’s inspiration comes from a panel of DC Comic’s Action Comics Issue 6 , which contains my favorite comic superhero of all time, Superman.

Greatness of Superman

Don’t get me wrong, Wolverine is cool, Batman is pure awesomeness and Spiderman is hilarity but, Superman is the quintessential man with a dream. Something in his blood made him special but, it wasn’t just the fact that he was special that made him who he was, it was the fact that he chose to do great things with his dream which made him much more.

Go For Greatness      Sometimes dreams weigh too much. I often don’t know where to go with mine and become overwhelmed with the thoughts questioning whether I am worth these big dreams. Yet, I continue to be blessed with opportunity after opportunity to be better and do more for people besides myself. What am I supposed do with the notion of being extraordinary in a society where it is positively looked upon to be average? Sometimes I am conquered by mediocre thinking, locking myself in a cage that chains me to meager expectations and existence. Sometimes I question my expectations and wonder why I do not do more. I often become trapped in a defeatist mind-state. I embrace the desire to blend in. I keep my passion in check to do the bare minimum in work, school and relationships because I am afraid of more. I procrastinate on expressing my passion or doing more. Sometimes I choose to just stand by in fear of making others feel lessor.

achieve-greatness01      But, there lies my problem. Nobody asks me if they should hold back, so why should I? The cage that I have built around myself leaves me looking out at the blue sky hoping for something grander. It leaves me looking into the future, dreaming about the skies, adventures and the stories to tell. How many lives can I touch? Will people tell stories of me that will rival Superman? Will I be a person that history remembers? This cage is way too small and Smallville, USA is no longer fictional. Smallville is the city where I grew up, learned about life and developed into the person I am. Smallville is the quiet place I will leave behind to challenge everything I am, breaking my bones, healing them and allowing them to be repaired stronger than before. There is something about realizing you have something great to offer the world and then deciding to do it. Until Next Time.

Peace, Passion, Love and

Keep Dreaming,

Mr. Magnificent Miles

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