Shine On: Find Your Purpose and Don’t Stop Living It

Two Simple Words
Two Simple Words

In the past two weeks, I feel like I have come under many challenges but have evolved more as a person then I ever had. I felt something simple speak to me on what I can and should do with my life. in that process, I’ve decided to share a couple thoughts and the seeds of my new venture.

A little less than two weeks ago, I was hired on to a position as a Youth Advocate for the city of Bloomington. The program that I am working for is called, “Moving Forward” and it is designed for at risk children between the ages 12-17 that are high risk of repeat offending (Translation: Get in trouble with the cops a lot.) So far with this program, I have met some of the most amazing kids that have just been neglected in some of the most basic ways of growing up. They are lacking care and support to truly make children grow. Some need guidance, mentorship, friendship or just human interaction. This made me realize that I want and love to help and see people grow.

Sometimes you feel like the cat, sometimes the kid.
Sometimes you feel like the cat, sometimes the kid.

I started to realize that by talking to these children, I started to feel alive. I felt revitalized just by helping a kid learn that he had options. He had a chance to make it out of the life of the drug peddler and menial 9-5. I even told him that right now he could make $20,000.oo a year parking cars without a college degree and it sparked something in him. He could actually make something better than McDonald’s off of what skills he had now. So, I promised him I would teach him how to make something out of what he already had. He lit up. I saw a flicker of hope where there was none  and the look in his eyes ignited something in me finally gave me what I needed. My next dream to chase.

greater good

Then, I realized that me stumbling through everything that I have been through so far in life has thought me the resilience needed to triumph over any challenge. But, the purpose has been for me to share it. I’ve decided to create Magnificent Minds Inc. (In the process of Incorporating and copywriting that. Please don’t steal.) An organization designed to give people the tools needed to find their passions and purposes, learn how to utilize them correctly and plan how to become the best person they can be while reaching their goals. It will be much more than a company, but it will be a banner for people who believe that their purpose is to help better society and everyone in it. Magnificent Minds can be a badge of honor showing that you are magnificent by virtue of existence and learning what about you is so magnificent.



So, while I am still developing these ideas, I just wanted to share the life that has found its way to me. If anyone wants to help and become a member of Magnificent Minds Inc, send me a short email about who you are, what you do and what makes you a Magnificent Mind to . I am working on a webpage that will be updated with any ongoings for any of the members of the group. Remember, one person trying to make a change is crazy, two are rebels and three is a movement. Let’s make it happen!


Shine On!!

Mr. Magnificent Miles


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