Day One least this sign is proof that someone was here.
Welp…at least this sign is proof that someone was here first.

This is the type of post you will see 1,000 times in January and Zero times in June. However, this is the post I like writing the most. This is the proverbial, “I have an idea and no matter what, I think it’s good enough to try”-post. But, what makes them good is that having these aren’t a bad thing.

The important thing about fresh starts lies in the mentality. I’ve started work out regiments over at least eight times in eight years. I’ve said I was going to drink more water. I said I was going to read more. I said I was going to pray more. I’ve said so many things that 500 words could not quite contain my trials. However, the good news lies in the fact that between each new start, there was a little more time in between. I stayed on my path longer, built a little more determination and took a couple more steps in the right direction.

Not what I meant but made me happy posting it.
Not what I meant but it made me happy posting it. Doesn’t Peach look so successful not being kidnapped for once? Kidnapped 18 times, not kidnapped 3 times = Progress.

I had a long talk with a mentor, telling me that I need to make firm decisions so that I could move forward in my life. I cannot play both sides of the fence any longer. I have decided to move forward in a constant pace. Each new day, a new start once more. My goal this time is to try it each day. One day at a time. One task at a time.

Here are some of the things I am working on:

12 Books in 12 Months

Work Out 3-4 times a Week

Write Daily

Raise Money For Ghana

Drink More Water

Put Full Effort towards Classes

These are simple, manageable goals that I will write a small update daily about. Any suggestions, please comment below. Until Next Time Guys!

Shine On!

Mr. Magnificent Miles

Each Day Start Anew
Each Day Start Anew


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