The Constant Struggle


It’s amazing how many times we make goals in our lives that never end up fulfilled. For years, I end up repeating the same routine over and over. Every year, I promise to drink more water, pray more, read my bible, write more, read more, exercise more, and procrastinate less. While, I have had more success to varying degrees, I still find myself struggling with the same battles.Yet, in recent years, I finally have had some progress.


I have consistently exercised roughly five times a week since July. The good news about this personal evolution is that I can see the difference. I can finally look at myself and say that I reached a goal. Now, this is not saying that I am perfect, but after eight years of false starts, its good to finally reach my stride in something.

Since 2015, I achieved two of my largest goals.

  1. Graduate with a Bachelor’s  (Political Science)
  2. Receive a 4.0 GPA (Final Semester)

These two highs, put me on a path that truly made me feel invincible. Yet, the Fall of 2015 and 2016 brought me down to earth quickly. My grandmother, Gwendolyn Spann, passed and I moved to North Carolina for graduate school.

Yet, in the midst of those struggles came new opportunities for growth. After me losing my strongest source of support, I started to pray more. I learned to lean on God instead myself because I learned I couldn’t trust my own devices. I downloaded a bible app and try to read my Bible in 365 daily. Do I fall behind? Yes, but, eventually I pick it back up, and try again.

The water also has sharks in it.

The main lesson I have learned is that the path success is not a straight line. It’s not something that instantly works. You try and fail, and try again and keep trying until you are so tired of failure, you reject anything less.

The biggest key to my success is learning what worked for me. I kept listening to my body and figured out the things I liked, and the things I hated. I continued doing the things that worked and stopped doing the things that didn’t. The key was learning me.

What this all culminates to, is me trying to write more. The reading might be a bit harder and I have five water bottles that I lose consistently, but it’s a start. There is always a start. The only thing that there will never be, is a ending. DO NOT QUIT.


So, I am not sure if any of my old subscribers are still around, but here’s to a new future and another attempt at beating the struggle. To anybody new, welcome, and I will do my best to keep pushing myself. If anybody has any topics that they would like touched on, I would love to have suggestions. Also, any stories of your own struggles and triumphs? Leave them in the comments below.

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