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After spending a week with my family in Atlanta. I was able to see something I can honestly say I had never seen growing up. I saw a husband and wife that lived together, happily, and love each other dearly. I  almost wanted to stop the post there but there are a lot of thoughts in this.  I am truly thankful for this past week.

My family structure was very matriarchal growing up. My grandfather (who remarried) was the only consistent male figure in my life while being raised by my grandmother, aunt, and female cousins. So, this was a new experience. While I was there, I could still see the playfulness and care between the two. My aunt knew my uncle’s diet, quirks, and habits. My uncle would speak up for my aunt because he knew she wouldn’t always do it for herself. The two seemed to compliment each other to a level that put me at ease. Even though I was just a house guest, I felt like I could stay there forever because love was there.


This made me think more about the life I want. As I get older, I think about all of the women I have loved a lost. I think about what I gained from them and I think about what I lost. I think about how they made me feel and what I liked. But, most of all, I really have been thinking about taking my time. I’d rather take a long time to find the right one than false start or build a poor foundation.

I want the woman I love and choose to be my wife, to not just be my wife. I want her to be a powerful woman. I want her to be a complete woman. I want her to be whole. Of course I want her to help me on my journey but I also want someone who has a journey so I could do the same for her. I want her to already have thoughts about parenthood and the type of lessons she wants to pass on to our kids. I want her to have mountains that she wants to conquer and God placed me in her life to help. Even in the midst of that, I want it to be a partnership. Partnerships mean working together through good and bad.


Those two were nearly homeless at one time. They have dealt with insane work schedules, job transfers, serious illnesses, and probably much more than what they told me. But, what stuck with me most, is that they still looked at each other with pride. They were proud that they made it so far and happy that they have, “paid their dues” together.

A looking back, I want someone who I can make it to my golden anniversary with. I want someone who is willing to fight the world with me. Someone that will fight me for not taking care of myself better while knowing how to see when I need to recharge. People of that caliber are rare. You can’t rush relationships like that so, I am learning to be patient. I am going to wait for the time when she will be revealed and I am not in a rush for it. For once in my life, I am at peace about it all.

I am satisfied with me and that’s all I need.


Have any models of positive relationships in your life? Any favorite couples? Any cool stories of overcoming adversity and the people who helped? Leave any comments, questions, reflections, and stories below. 

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