Reaping Benefits: Continuing Motivation

Humans are inherently lazy. We like things to be easy. You can see this in how much technology has evolved to allow us to work as little as possible for things that used to be so much harder to come by. Why go to the theatre when we have Netflix? Why go to the store, when Amazon will have a drone drop it at your doorstep. We even want it to be easy when we are talking about our health. Pills, knives, and needles have taken over hard work. Where’s the easy button when we need it?


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Last year, I came into the campus health services ten seconds away from needed to be sent to the hospital. My Blood Pressure was 157/92. I was stressed, depressed, overweight, and tired. I got constant headaches and felt extremely lethargic. She told me if I didn’t get it together I’d need to be put on medication. I was 28 living in a 58 year old’s body.

Since then, like I’ve been saying on here earlier, I’ve been working out. I still occasionally get headaches and still can’t touch me toes easily. I’ve had my body shape change but I still feel like I just haven’t been doing enough. Then, right after I finished my finished my finals, I doctor wanted me to come in and talk about my high blood pressure.

I was on pins & needles myself…until I saw the results.


I was shocked! I couldn’t believe that these results were so clear and easy to follow. I also realized that the week before Thanksgiving is hellish and should be banned from existence. But, the most important lesson I got from this is that hard work pays off.

This moment became reinforcement for me to keep pushing myself. I can’t go back to my health and who I was before because I’ve tasted the sweet rewards. Now, that goal of being in great shape by next July becomes true but also mandatory and will be extended beyond.


The best thing about this scenario is that I did not plan out it. It happened in the process of me chasing another goal and that makes me think about one of the biggest problems people have with their goals: They end.

I’ve seen so many of my female friends say they are going to lose X pounds to fit into ____ or male friends say they are going to stop drinking for ____ time to get this outcome. They do it right then and eventually slowly fade away and undo all the good they did. We can’t think of change as a one time thing.



Life is a series of interconnected events, moments, and experiences that culminate into something bigger. We often think of things such as success, forgiveness, and love as destinations or points in time. But, what they are really processes that are everlasting that eventually become easier and easier.

We make plans and goals that can be measured and achieved but we can’t forget to look beyond just losing ten pounds to achieving a healthier lifestyle or just getting over the hurt feeling after a bad comment to not being affected so strongly by the actions of others.

Reaping the benefits of your hard work is amazing but you can’t stop there. We must go farther because our goals must be like we are, continuously growing and evolving.


Any stories of surprise benefits? Any challenges you’ve overcome and want to push further? Share any thoughts, comments, and suggestions in the comments below!



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