Uber Rides & Holiday Thoughts

Last night, I took an Uber to a Game Night. I am a weirdly social person sometimes. I often test my social skills by getting my Ubers to have conversations. I’ve learned all types of things about life on the bus, in a taxi, or Ubering with strangers. I hit the jackpot with my Uber today. Who would have thought?


The conversation started off about Ubering. Does he like it? Why does he do it? How does his family feel about it? What did he do before he started driving? Does he hold multiple jobs? It eventually expanded to his family and their relationships. We ended up talking for 20 minutes about God’s position in all of our lives. Then, before I left. He talked about his wife; how much work it takes to maintain that relationship and his  view on her as a whole.

It was comforting hearing how much he loves his wife. It was also interesting to hear the shift on how much he wanted his wife to spend more time with her parents. His parents were both dead and the rest of his family live in Mexico. Her mother lives 45 minutes away and she only spends time with her on major holidays. He told me that he kept praying that she would make time for her family before it is too late. I could tell how much he cared and it made me think about my own family.


Ever since I went away to school, I’ve never really spent much time with family. I never had the connection that many of my friends had. Both of my parents were living in their own worlds and I was often just a comet streaking across their night sky.

I still had my grandmother and friends to support me. I’ve been away at college for years, but I’ve still been blessed to be close to the families of my significant others or friends. I’ve never truly been alone on the holidays but it always left a hunger for something more substantial.


This is a difficult year for me in recent memory because my grandmother passed last year. She was my closest family member and I often struggle with the fact that I spent so much time away at school and not with her. I came home every time I could but I really cherish the last few holiday seasons I spent with her.

I know I typically end my posts on a high note but I really want to beseech my readers to appreciate and seize opportunities with loved ones before they are gone. Don’t be alone at this time of the year and even beyond holidays, tell your family you love them. You never know how life will change or where it will lead you.


This year I’ve started to truly be more purposeful with building and maintaining relationships. I’ve been healed by the love I’ve gotten from friends and other loved ones. I got invited to holiday parties with friends I haven’t seen in years. It warmed my heart that people still think about me even after being separated for such a long time. I appreciate the love and  I pray you all take this opportunity to share love this season.

Any stories about interesting Uber conversations? Any thoughts about holiday/family time? Share thoughts below.

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