New Year Updates

Hello Everyone!

Today, I am taking a slight break after an eventful New Years Eve. I wanted to share some of my blog goals for 2017.

  1. Continue posting as close to everyday as possible. – I’ve been on break for the past month so it has been easy to carve out time for writing. As I start a new semester of classes with a new schedule and responsibilities, I will have an adjustment period. But, I am determined to stay the course.
  2. Purchase my domain name – I am taking my writing more seriously in the next couple months. I have finally settled on this blog name over the intense compartmentalization and multiple blogs that were maintained with inconsistent writing on various topics.
  3. Advertise – I haven’t been promoting this blog heavily as I have still been working out kinks in my writing style, content, and presentation. I have been wanting to build up enough content to truly have a full body of work to offer to newcomers. As I continue to make my writing into a lifestyle, I will invite more people on my journey.
  4. Start Vlogging – I really want to get to a point of doing video editing and maybe even start a YouTube Channel. This is an arena that is completely new to me and I don’t know anyone that has successfully done it. Why not me?
  5. Invite Guest Bloggers – I’d love to have friends, family, and others to write. Why not you?

As always, if you have any ideas, tips, or suggestions to improve your experiences with me. Please feel free to let me know in the comments below.

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It made me laugh.

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