The Good News: Obama’s Freedom

Today’s good news comes from literally every news outlet imaginable. 44th President Barack Obama has finished up his term and is actually living his life. We rarely see photos of former presidents outside of former presidential duties and I wanted to just save his obvious joy of no longer being President. Being the fifth youngest President has it’s perks.

I’m happy for him. Enjoy your much deserved rest.

screen_shot_2016-09-09_at_8-24-36_am-0-0Barack Obama, Daniel Cluneobama

I will have more posts in a couple days.Working on more Master’s work. Thanks for your patience!

By Magnificent Miles

I'm a little dreamer with big dreams that wants to be far from ordinary and go anywhere that's not familiar. The Lord is my guide as I attempt to improve, not just my own, but everyone's quality of life.

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