The Good (or Entertaining) News: Jay Z’s Girl

Thomas DeCarlo Callaway, better known as Cee-Lo Green, has to be one of the most talented, ridiculous, and hilarious minds in music. He’s grown from a member of Goodie Mob, to developing a smash solo career, and becoming a massive success with producer Danger Mouse, as Gnarls Barkley. At this point in his career he truly believes he can do anything.

And that’s exactly what he is doing in preparation for a new project from his pseudonym, Gnarly Davidson. This new persona is no stranger to controversy either, as a video of a Samsung Galaxy 7 blowing up in his hands was released in December as a part of a “promo video” for his new persona. It was not real but definitely caused some problems for Samsung for the day. He even showed up to the Grammy’s and used national television as an audition for the new Power Rangers movie.


I’m crying with actual tears at life-sized Oscar/nightmare C-3PO!!! But, the point of this The Good News is to share the sheer laughter and music that followed. You know the internet went to work with photoshop.

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Cee-Lo later released a video for a song called Jay Z’s Girl dedicated to Beyoncé from a pint-sized Cee-Lo. It is an “interesting” cover of Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield.

Jay Z’s Girl – Gnarly Davidson

Yeah…I felt the same way…

To cleanse your pallet:

Jessie’s Girl – Rick Springfield

In retrospect…the original is equally as creepy.

Apparently, he has released a couple songs called F*** Me, I’m Famous (video with Little Cee-Lo and a slowed down Funky Town sample) and another called Hurt Me Now (which sounds like it was produced by Mac Miller). They aren’t my cup of tea, but feel free to click and watch if you are curious.

I have enjoyed his Gnarls Barkley work, the Lady Killer series of mixtapes/albums, and a large percentage of Goodie Mob/Dungeon Family work.  Cee-Lo is always creative and I am interested in seeing where this is going. If all else fails, you gave us a classic meme.

God Speed Cee-Lo, God Speed!!!


I can’t tell if art imitates life or life imitates art but whatever the case, 2017 is definitely interesting. What’s your favorite Cee-Lo song? Are you a fan of him with a collective or solo? Is this all just a massive troll effort? Did you laugh? Let me know in the comments below.


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