Update: New Name & Daily Posts

I’ve seen massive growth in my writing over the last three months. Today marks me trying to add something new to Everything’s Magnificent and I would ANY and EVERYONE’s input.  


First and foremost, the blog’s name has changed. Instead of Mind of the Magnificent, it is now Everything’s Magnificent. This change was to make the blog more open to visitors and less about just me. This signifies a perspective shift from an internal focus to external. I am still using the blog for my personal thoughts and experiences, but the focus is more about looking at the world and how personal experiences shape your worldview. I want to share my experiences, passions, and thoughts to give others the ability to do the same.  What unique lessons have you learned about life that you would like to share? I want more people involved with sharing stories, experiences, and dreams.


Second, I am starting a weekly schedule. I’ve been writing for three months and have produced a lot of content. I want to continue expanding and building on my daily routine. I will continue to do my best writing as consistently as possible if life keeps giving me material.

Weekly Posting Schedule

Miscellaneous Mondays: The beginning of the week will be a wild card day with updates and any topics I’d like to cover from TV, Movies, Video Games, Books, Politics, Philosophy, Religion, and more. This is my catch-all day with things I want to share.

Good News Tuesdays: The week is just getting starting and it already seems like a struggle making it through. Tuesdays are for sharing The Good News: videos, photos, occurrences, and articles that particularly bring joy or laughter.

Welcome Wednesdays: Instead of focusing on the tough days ahead and how much we are clamoring for the weekend, Welcome Wednesday is dedicated to you, the reader. Wednesdays will include Guest Writers, Reader’s Choice, and Letters To_____. This day is for to providing what you want, dedications, or giving a platform. If you have an idea for a post you would like me to do or a post submission, feel free to leave them in the comments below any post or on the Reader’s Choice page.

Thoughtful Thursdays: The weekend is quickly approaching and sometimes I like to just think. I’ve gone through an entire week of social media, news, articles, and conversations with close friends that hopefully bared fruit. Thoughtful Thursdays are for my thoughts reflecting on things I’ve digested through the week.

Vibe Fridays: Fridays are for fun and letting go of all the stress of the week. Vibe Fridays are for me to shed light on what I’m listening to at the moment. Album reviews, artist spotlights, Top 5 lists, hidden gems, and playlists find their home here.

Storytelling Saturdays: Sharing life altering stories or just simple moments that made me smile are on Saturdays. Saturdays are when I try to experience life without the consequences of work in the morning. I share those moments here.

Goal Setting Sundays: Aspirations, bucket list items, goals, and how to achieve those goals are being posted here. This is a good time to build on positive habits, reflect on better ones, and analyze what could be done to become the person you dream of being. Sundays are sometimes considered the beginning of the week and Sundays will be for self-betterment.

While the titles are fluid, the themes are not. My posting schedule should remain roughly the same with periodic breaks for personal health, academic hardship, or other misc. circumstances. I will notify in case of a longer hiatus.  I sometimes just need to have time to recharge.


The last thing I want to see if anyone out there has any tips for designing banners for a YouTube page. I would like to go into video content in the near future and could use some advice. Any advice or help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for reading and remember, Everything’s Magnificent!

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I'm a little dreamer with big dreams that wants to be far from ordinary and go anywhere that's not familiar. The Lord is my guide as I attempt to improve, not just my own, but everyone's quality of life.

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