Hot Take: Nintendo Switch & The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

The internet is filled with hot takes on music, movies, television, and almost everything under the sun. I pre-ordered my Nintendo Switch with the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild back in January from Target and it arrived promptly Friday Morning. These are my thoughts four days in the system and what this mean for Nintendo to me.

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First, the moment I picked up the box, it seemed remarkably light compared to the heft of my pervious systems. It could have easily been a box of lightweight running shoes or a couple of paperback books if I didn’t know better. Upon opening, I found out that the box was mostly packing cardboard, the dock, system, joy con controllers, wrist straps, pro-grip, charger, and two cables.


What really got me was how light everything was. The dock barely feels like it has anything inside of it and you open the back panel, pop the three cords in the back (HDMI, Power, and USB for wired connection), and it’s ready to be played. The system itself is sleek and Nintendo really managed to cram an entire console, more powerful than the Xbox 360 into something smaller than a mini-tablet. Next, I opened the game case for Breath of The Wild and was stunned. The cartridge is tiny.


I immediately went online and ordered a carrying case. I will lose these cartridges if I don’t have one place to keep them safe. The only complaints I have about the system itself is that you can’t charge while having it standing up using the kickstand and the charger box itself is huge but that’s rather insignificant compared to what I’m getting.


The User interface has been completely simplified no music or a thousand Miis running around. It’s minimalistic but loads super quick. If you are taking the Switch off sleep, you tap the same button three times (which is a nice trick to prevent accidental unlocks) and it’s ready to go. After a brief update, I put my 128GB micro SD card (which I highly recommend) and Legend of Zelda.

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