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Today’s Good News fulfills an itch I’ve had for about five months now. I’ve fought off the urge to get married and build a family in favor of life stabilization and personal development. The next best thing to a girlfriend is a puppy, “they are always happy to see you!” (I joke, I joke, I kid, I kid) So, I’ve been researching the best way to find that companion and came across The Dog Matchmaker.

Hailing from New York City and has helped countless dogs find a home, Sarah Brasky runs FosterDogsNYC and started up her own business as The Dog Matchmaker.

Sarah has created an application and a entire process for you to say what you want and your background, then she matches you with dogs in foster care that will not only compliment your preferences but your lifestyle. The Dog Matchmaker is designed to help busy people find the right companion instead of just going to the pet store and grabbing the nicest looking one.

I’ve spent a lot of time researching a learned a very simple but easily overlooked fact, dogs have needs too. We tend to look at our pets and decide on them by everything we want. We forget that different breeds of dogs have needs to stay healthy, happy, and strong. If you live in a super small apartment, you shouldn’t get large dog or a breed that needs to walk often shouldn’t be locked up at home for extended periods of time. There are entire websites about proper animal care and lifestyle matching.


Petfinder is an amazing site that helps you find animals looking for adoption in different cities. Beyond that, there a numerous pets that don’t have a home that you can adopt before going to a pet store first. They might take a little more love, but they definitely need it. That’s why today, I decided to spotlight The Dog Matchmaker because I think it’s a great idea. I’ve saved puppies in the past and would do it again quickly. I’m still not ready for my pup, but one day I will. And that is today’s Good News.

You can find more information about Sarah here:


@Dog_Matchmaker at on Twitter  @thedogmatchmaker on IG

And for those of us not in NYC, is another great resource.

Any great dog stories or horror stories out there that you would like to share? Did you have pets growing up? What has been your favorite lesson about animals? Did you watch Pet Rescue like I did on Animal Planet growing up? Leave in the comments below.

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