The Good News: Wise Words from the Street

Today’s Good News was an important one to see coming from my background. Being from Detroit, I’ve seen too many kids get in fights because of pointless arguments or just from friends instigating. When I was young, I was even in a good amount of those fights myself. Check out the following four minute clip.

Granted, this is a cell phone video shock by kids on the street that was a few moments away from being the typical WorldStar fight video. But, a few seconds into the video, an older black male comes from across the street to break up the fight. He talks the two down from fighting and diffuses the situation very well while trying to educate the kids. He touches on mob mentality and how we encourage foolishness for laughs. I applaud the man that wouldn’t leave until peace was brought.

UPDATE: The man has been identified as Ibn Ali Miller and I updated his story here.

I originally started to watch this video and get disappointed. It had to be around ten or more kids watching and recording their “friends” fight. They laughed at the one kid almost get thrown on concrete and then couldn’t even be serious while an adult talked to them all. He even said one of the kids dad was serving life. This is how the cycle continues. We encourage each other to not let someone “punk” you and end up getting hurt or wasting time while getting laughed at while our pain in immortalized online. We often fall into negative habits and repeat the same mistakes of those before us and end up in a prison built by ourselves.


That’s why I appreciate the man that came up to them. He talked to them on a simple level and really cared for them without knowing what was going on. He even said a line about it being the Devil’s plan and I agree. Your downfall doesn’t happen at once, it takes years for comeuppance to take root. A seed is planted while you are young that gets watered by bad choice after bad choice until it sprouts. Anger issues, pride, and trust problems didn’t start once you hit 30, they were there when you were ten and never tended to.

That’s the importance of mentorship and guidance of the youth. Help support kids being better people in all manners of life. He could have easily walked by because “it’s not my business” but it is. It’s his community and sharing a little goodwill and his wisdom will hopefully will change the way those two kids look at life. They may still fight again but hopefully they will think twice. That gentleman planted a positive seed and hopefully it will take root.


Any stories of someone that did something simple that impacted you greatly? Any hometown heroes you’d like to honor? Any stories of you being the peacemaker? Leave them in the comments below.

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