Quick Update: Ibn Ali Miller Receives Award

This is just a quick update to the story from Tuesday. Now revealed, Ibn Ali Miller, just received an honor award from Atlantic City on Wednesday for his actions. Atlantic City Councilman Marty Small saw the video and decided to reward him and the children for their courage. Check the video below.

Someone mentioned to me that Miller is Muslim and how do I feel about Islam in the midst of continual tensions between the two religions. Frankly, I don’t care. I grew up around Muslims in Detroit and Dearborn and never had a negative experience with them in my life. I’ve dealt with more hate and harm from “Christians” any day than Muslims.

At then end, we are both Abrahamic religions that teach similar philosophies of respect for one another and love of God. The message hasn’t changed, just the method. The position/purpose of Jesus Christ, who is my personal savior, and Islam’s views of Jesus being a prophet have little baring on my respect for the men and women of their faith. It’s not my responsibility to pass judgement, I love them regardless and I believe that’s God’s message to begin with.

I just wanted to share this update. Everyday is a good day to share, The Good News!

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