The Good News: Big Sean gets the Key to Detroit

Today’s good news comes on the heels of my album review of Big Sean’s newest project. Making good on his promise to do more for his city, Sean receives the key to the City of Detroit from Mayor Mike Duggan.

On April 1st, Big Sean was given the key to the city of Detroit and became to youngest Detroiter ever to receive the award. Him receiving the award places him in the grand company of Stevie Wonder and legendary Motown producer Berry Gordy.

Big Sean receives the key to the city:

Big Sean recently donated gallons of water to Flint, built a studio at Cass Tech (his alma mater) and was recognized for his Mogul Prep curriculum. He launched it with his Sean Anderson Foundation, whose mission is “to assist in the education, health, safety and well-being of Detroit Area school aged youth as well disadvantaged youth in other areas across the nation,”. Mogul Prep will teach high school age students other jobs in the music industry. Mogul Prep will be used by Detroit Public Schools and eventually expanded to other cities. The program itself was designed and will be ran by his mother, Myra Anderson, a former English Teacher.


Big Sean talks getting the key to the city and his new non-profit:

After looking at the success of Chance the Rapper and Big Sean for taking care of their home towns and giving back, it’s a surprise we don’t hear more about musicians doing good for their homes. Nothing but blessings on blessings on blessings for the hometown heroes.


That’s today’s Good News!

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