NPR Tiny Desk: Noname

Vulnerability is one of the most important things in art. The ability to convey complex emotions and ideas in form is almost alchemy. Turning nothing into something and attracting the world to it. One of my favorite artists of 2016 came and performed at the NPR:Tiny Desk – Noname.


Apparently, NPR is slowly planning on picking all my favorite artists and giving them some time as I feel like I just wrote about NPR Tiny Desk: Big Baby D.R.A.M. But, once again, NPR asked another amazing artist to come through their office and perform a medley of their music for their workers. Noname is personable and very relatable as you can tell she’s super nervous and new to this. Her performance becomes endearing as she talks about black death (Police brutality, old age, and abortion). Heavy topics with a pleasing facade. Enjoy

Set List:

  • “Diddy Bop”
  • Medley (“Reality Check,” “Casket Pretty,” “Bye Bye Baby”)
  • “Yesterday”


I’ve showered her with praise but I want to stress how great her Telefone album is.

Telefone is available now.

You can listen to it here also (please buy it too!!):

Telefone – Noname:

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