My Writing Charge from God

Being up to 121 posts since the relaunch of Everything’s Magnificent leaves a great feeling. This is one of the few times in my life where I set out to do something and truly made it a part of who I am. I have created content, branding, and a new direction for my life to head into. The interesting thing is, God wants more.

When I was younger, I was afraid of God’s promise that I would write volumes of material for the world. Now, I look at the roughly 60,500+ words written in the last 5-6 months, and think it’s possible. I could write a book or books about something. Suddenly, all those dreams of that seemed so distant, seem feasible. I could be an author. I could be on a best seller’s list or even more. I have no clue how, but it seems feasible and that’s enough.


When I was younger, I used to write a lot. I fell out of habit as I got older and composition notebooks didn’t fill as easy as they once did. The average book length varies from topic to topic but is somewhere between 50,000-90,000 words. A 50,000-90,000 word book is a decent sized young adult series or towards the longer side, an adult commercial or literary production. If I look at my material in general, I’ve written the same amount of content in a reasonable timeframe. Somehow God is leading me full circle.

Passions in music, writing, and the urge to amass global experiences has grown significantly in me during the past few months. God has been molding me into something I can’t even describe. This brings me to an interesting thought about letting God use you in whatever ways he wishes. From my current degree pursuit to relationship status, I would have pictured something completely different for myself. Today, I am worlds apart from the medical degree in psychiatry I envisioned years ago.


The amazing thing about this entire situation is that God wants more. He wants you to interact with Him more. He wants you to explore your identity in Him more. He wants you to see how His love is more abundant and fulfilling than anything else in this world. The more you dive into Him, the more He fills you, with His joy, peace, love, and knowledge. He then gives you a desire to follow His will and to see His vision fulfilled. I’m thirsty for more.

With that said, I’ve decided to write everyday until this time next year. I want to do 365 Days of writing and at least 365 posts. I don’t know what He is pushing me to write about but I know I’ve become more focused and directed over the last five months. I only see me becoming better in the future and better with time. Here’s to another 365 days of being Magnificent and I hope you will too.


Like always,

Don’t forget to Turn your brightness up


What type of books would you like to see? What type of books do you read yourself? What goals have you set out to achieve that you never completed but are waiting on you? Where do you think God is leading you that you haven’t walked into yet? Let me know in the comments below? 

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