A Quest to Build Muscles

What? You thought I was going to have some big burly guy flexing, making me feel insecure on my own blog? Ha! But, seriously, I want you guys to hold me accountable to my personal dream. I want muscles.

Well, I already have muscles, but I want bigger muscles. I want to look and feel physically fit and fill out my clothes nicely. I recently asked myself, why does throwing metal plates around make you bigger?

For many years, I didn’t lift weights. When I was younger, I thought that it would stunt my growth. However, when I didn’t end up being 6’9″ like I had hoped, I decided to go for it. I personally always admired people who were in great shape. I wanted to be that guy that just looks good in his clothes. I really was consistent and it showed this fall but life caught up to me. Lesson one, when you start, don’t stop.

You have to have discipline, time, and dedication. Working out is tough at the beginning because all you have is pain and no signs of progress.  Yet, as time progresses, it becomes easier and those little workers fix you up quicker than before. Eventually you start seeing shapes change and liking how you look.


Originally, I was afraid of getting fat. I started to get the dad belly without being a dad. I started to thin in the wrong places and didn’t feel confident in myself anymore. I stressed over everything. I lost my relationship. School was not going well. I was struggling financially. Friendships were nonexistent and I felt like a loser. Life couldn’t have felt worse.

So, I started to work out. It was the first thing that I could control. I could control my body and sculpt it into something I could be proud of. It was better than me pitying myself to death somewhere. I lifted my pain away. I fought away depression. I fought away the urge to follow bad impulses and drag other people into my perceived inadequacies. I ran, lifted, and crunched away each tear while meeting people along the way. I was really surprised by how many people and friends you meet in the gym. I forgot how it felt.


Eventually my hair started to fill back in. I wasn’t heartbroken and angry anymore. I didn’t feel so set adrift, but the craziest thing was, I looked forward to working out. I started to see the results and feel great. I finally understood why it is so important to get exercise in your daily life because it will seriously change who you are.

So what happened? The same thing that always happens, life gets crazy, school gets tough and you fall behind. I lost all the gains I made over the fall. But, I still hold on to the feeling and have the image in my head. I am planning on returning and will get back to where I was by my birthday (July 11th). I have the routine. I have the motivation, and I know it can be done. I just need to do it.

I challenge my readers to hold me accountable and I will check in weekly with how many days a week I go. Keep me honest and maybe I will end up working out daily like I do my writing.

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