More Thoughts on Shine: Wale on Everyday Struggle

If I haven’t said it on here, I am notably a fan of Joe Budden. I am an avid listener to his podcast and music. His antics outside of rap, I leave that for others to decide but I’ve seriously enjoyed his new day job on Complex News’ Everyday Struggle.

Budden joins DJ Akademiks and Nadeska Alexis Monday through Friday and talk about current rap topics for 30 mins-1 hr, similar to ESPN’s First Take. Joe Budden tends to come from an artist’s perspective and DJ Akademiks comes from viral/online presence. Nadeska is the moderator that attempts to keep everyone on track for the show. Last week, they had Lil Yachty on the show to confront Joe about various topics to colossal meme-worthy content. Today, it was Wale’s turn to take center stage.

This interview with Wale really made me think twice about my review of Shine. While I still stand on my overall view of the album. I do think I understand Wale’s motives more. He created this album for hits. He wanted this album to be for performance sake. I respect it because it also makes me reflect on albums in the streaming age.

When thinking about it now, an album doesn’t need to have earth-shattering record sales to be successful. An album can sell poorly and singles can continue to breathe life into the album. I don’t know what his deal with Atlantic looks like, so I am guessing that his tour sales are more than enough to keep him afloat. He may not be in a 360 deal or it might look very different for him. Not every artist is able to be a Wale, but I know his star power will carry him over to eventual success with Shine.


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I also appreciate Wale being in a happier place. He is proud of his daughter, his label, and his new place in life. Even the fact that he actually agrees with what J. Cole said in False Prophets is important. He knows that he should be embracing the fans he has and the love he does get. He shouldn’t be continuously dissatisfied and I appreciate him recognizing that now.

Wale is an artist that I want to see be successful and I feel that he finally has redefined his own view of success. While I may not agree with all of his choices on Shine, I do respect that he is Still Here Ignoring Negative Energy. Wale deserves that much after being five albums deep into his career. Most artists would have been gone by now so I support Wale surviving.

Turn Your Brightness Up Wale!!


What’s your favorite Wale project? Did Wale’s breakdown of CC White change your perspective on different songs in the project? How do you feel Shine? Let me know in the comments below.

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