The Good News: Anu and Her Prosthetic Sports Blade

There is something so pure about children. They have such an amazing ability to adapt and see the world in the most honest of ways. They say that children and animals are the only ones that see us for who we are. If kids don’t trust you, something is wrong.

But seriously, over the past couple days, I’ve seen an adorable video for a little girl coming to school with a prosthetic leg, her friends seeing it, hugging her, and proceeding with their day. I felt so good about the video that I did a little digging for a little more love.

Anu recently was given a new prosthetic thanks to a National Health Service program in England that allocated nearly $2 million to give 500 kids running blades to they can have better mobility. The money is rumored to run out by March of next year, here’s to hoping a program like this can continue.

The kids shine so bright!

and that’s today’s Good News


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