Meaningless Midnight Musings #1

I’ve been thinking about ways to really share my thoughts outside of the larger, more complex posts. As a bit of fun and randomness, here are 25 random thoughts I’ve had in the last month. Enjoy.

  1. I wonder how living in Alaska with two months of continuous daylight feels.
  2. I hate doing anything but Math with pencil
  3. I hate doing Math with anything but a pencil
  4. Dreams are the mind’s playground
  5. Being a woman seems like a lot of work.
  6. Summer Nights, Jazz, and Lemonade
  7. Angels in the Bible sound terrifying the way everyone immediately faints once they see them.
  8. I talked to High School students that never heard Love by Musiq Soulchild but know Poison by Bell Biv Devoe by heart
  9. Apple needs to give us group Facetime instead of taking useful stuff off of the iPhone (Headphone Jack, Buttons)
  10. Millennials didn’t kill anything, time did. People change consumption and values
  11. Facebook is really killing Instagram…GIVE US CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER BACK!!
  12. Addendum: They have completely stolen everything from Snapchat now
  13. Blackness is Defiance
  14. Blackness is also beautiful
  15. Can we retire the “Life is a B—-” line from all music?
  16. I think floral patterns are so nice on everyone
  17. You ever wonder if monsters are scared of humans below the bed?
  18. If advanced alien life did exist, would they ignore us for being so crazy?
  19. I’m scared to have children but that is a fear I am excited to face…in the future
  20. Lupita Nyong’o 😍
  21. You can’t look outward for peace, joy, or motivation. It comes from within.
  22. Unsubscribing to services is nearly impossible to completely stop getting emails
  23. I left Netflix and Hulu and I still get emails from them asking me to come back
  24. Amazon Wish lists should be public for birthday shopping needs
  25. God loves you.


Now I’m Turning my brightness down and going to sleep Goodnight



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