Vibe Fridays: Daniel Caesar – Get You

Right around the time I found Khalid – Location, I also found a guy named Daniel Caesar. He had amazing writing, rich voice, and super addictive songs. But, I knew nothing about him. Two months later, I finally got around to writing about the song that has been in constant rotation, Get You.

Daniel Caesar – Get You

A slow burning, sultry, and endearing anthem for a lover. It speaks on so many touching levels from the 22-year old Toronto native with a skill for combining gospel, R&B, and Soul into a pot and serving a quickly expanding audience. He also has a really interesting story from being homeless and his struggles to make it to making music.

Daniel Caesar – Genius Breakdown of Get You

To this day, Daniel has released three EPs: Praise Break, Acoustic Break, and Pilgrim’s Paradise. We are still awaiting his next major release but until then you can catch up on his Soundcloud page for free. I recommend Japanese Denim, Streetcar (Cover of Streetlights by Kanye West) and Violet for sure.

His music has touches of inspiration that scratches a Frank Ocean itch but you can see him exploring his sound and finding his voice. He has a lot of talent as a multi-instrumentalist and really seems to be a growing voice from the flood of Toronto imports since Drake and The Weeknd.  I really enjoy this guy and expect him to be everywhere soon. Please check him out.

Turn Your Music Up


Bonus: Daniel Caesar – Violet

Daniel Caesar – Get You and Japanese Denim Acoustic 

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