My Personal Lessons to Potential Bloggers

I’ve been writing consistently about various topics for around six months. I’ve tried different names and writing styles. I’ve produced a good amount of content to various results. One of the comments I’ve heard the most is how do I do it? How can I become a blogger? I have a couple of tips from what I’ve learned.

Blogging isn’t hard but isn’t easy either. You struggle with writing, image, and just continuing day after day. Some people feel that they have something to say but, how many people can say they have something to say consistently? That’s the important thing about blogging or YouTubing, or whatever you want to do. You must be consistent. That’s where it all begins. Actually, it is incorrect to say consistency is where you begin. It really begins before that. It begins with planning.


The first thing you must do believe you can reach your goal. You can do it! You can become a blogger. You can become a writer. You can become whatever you set your mind to but you have to set your mind to. I know it’s cliché but if you are too afraid you would never start. Start! Now!

Next thing you must do is decide what you want to do. What would you like to talk about? What sets your soul on fire? What could you go on forever about? What could you research continuously about? Where do your skills lie? Look for what you are good at and where your passion lies. The hard work comes after.


After you’ve answered these questions the best you can, the next thing you need is a hook. I’m not talking music, I’m talking concept. What about your perspective is special? What market are you trying to create for? Why would someone read your work instead of going with what they are already comfortable with and what they already read? You must have a hook.

Now, as a moment of transparency, I started this blog without a hook. I started writing to just be honest about my thoughts and I believe my perspective is different. I also felt that it was not different at the same time. I believed many of my experiences and thoughts have been felt by others and that I could help them not feel alone. Yet, I’ve been searching for my voice for years and am just now getting close. I enjoy producing music and Christian content. Everything else will be in due time.


If you don’t know how or what you want to write, just start. Write. Write until you can’t write anymore. Then, write even more than that. Search for your voice over and over until you find it. Read other people’s posts and take the things you like. Discard the things you don’t. All masters of their crafts started off copying their favorites and working until they found their niches. Michael Jackson mimicked James Brown, Eddie Murphy mimicked Richard Pryor. You have to start somewhere, look at others and take what you like.

My final recommendation for this post is to do it for yourself. If you are doing it for recognition or money, stop now. My grandmother used to say, “It takes years to become an overnight celebrity.” Get rich quick schemes don’t work, but if you love what you do, you will eventually reach success, however you define it. This entire post can apply to whatever your craft, from marketing to music. You must know what you are good at, why you are doing it, what makes you special, what people have done around you, and start working consistently on your craft. However, beyond all of this, the most important fact is that you can do it. All you must do is try.

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