The Loving Holy Spirit

Over the years, I’ve been learning not just about Faith but embracing the nature of the Holy Spirit. A few basic things must be understood about It:

  1. It comes with peace
  2. It’s a gentle spirit
  3. It is spontaneous

I just want to touch briefly on the Holy Spirit, how I’ve identified It and Its connections in our everyday life.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of the Lord our Father. So much can be explained about It, that would frankly take me days to sort through properly. Even just explaining from my understanding, let alone citations and excerpts from the Bible, I would be writing for days to get to something I’d be comfortable talking about.


From my experiences, the Holy Spirit is our intermediary, comforter, friend, confidant, and translator to Lord the Father. Think of it as this: God has found a way to give us examples of everything in nature. He has shown us answers to the most complex questions by just watching nature.

I believe that God has also given us an example of the perfect family. Lord the Father, Lord the Son, and the Holy Spirit. *record scratch* Wait?!? Does that mean the Holy Spirit is Feminine? Yes and No. I don’t think sex or gender can explain the Lord our God. It is narrow to think we understand God in all of His glory, but I think the Holy Spirit takes the feminine role and seeing as women are the backbone of our society, it makes sense.


The Holy Spirit truly understands us and once we accept Her in our lives, She never leaves our side. As much as we try to ignore HerShe will just wait until you are ready. She will speak loud enough for you to hear, but not loud enough to be overtly forceful. She steps in on our behalf because only She knows who we really are in our hearts and the heart of the Father. She is our strength when we are weak. She lifts us out of darkness, while teaching us about the world around us. Most of all, She protects us often from the world around us and even ourselves.

In the midst of her protection She shows the freedom of God’s will. I’ve been walking down the street and randomly started up a conversation with a stranger. I find out that the person I was randomly talking to was on working at a church. The day I visit their church, I was gifted $100 dollars when I was at my lowest point in the service. It’s amazing how blessings work out in the most unexpected of ways. I’ve even given to others and found blessings that returned my way. It’s all because of the Holy Spirit and Her love. When I felt disconnected from the Father, She’s been there to reconnect me, Tell me that my Papa will always love me, and not to fret, just come home. Sounds like a loving mother to me.e08f83915f592bbd8f6ff2fab29fbecf_2012-holy-spirit-clipart-come-holy-spirit-clipart_585-343

I can talk about her love forever and why it has been really important for me to start viewing the Holy Spirit outside of the consistently male form. I helps me see more completely all of our roles in life and in the Bible. This is nothing I got specifically from anywhere but it just makes sense to me. Take it or leave it, but it gives me comfort knowing I have a full heavenly family that loves me.

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