The Good News: UrbArts

Today was a great day. I spent the day interviewing many people from Ferguson investigating how housing policies created the sociopolitical environment there. One of the many great conversations came from the work Urban Artist Alliance (UrbArts) does in the St. Louis.

Founded in 2001 by MK Stallings, UrbArts creates platforms for creatives and community development. The Urban Artist Alliance was the concept of “social arts” where poets, writers, actors, musicians, and visual artists would create art that reflects the condition and possibilities of their community. It’s art that is designed to change things and people. Art that is meant to be revolutionary and a reflection of self.

While there, I met a b-boy, producer/rapper, artist, and Dj. All of the people we talked to explained their story and how they learned to actualize themselves in the midst of growing up in a city like St. Louis. They explained how their art has been used for self-expression and political statements. They helped bring truth to our project.

Below is the 15th Anniversary video talking about their work and how far they have come. You can learn more and donate @

I’ll give more information about my trip once I know the legality of all of our conversations. Another day, another great adventure.

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