Reader’s Choice: Male view on Women’s Hair

Today’s post goes out to the lovely Mikeala R., a co-worker from my summer job and an all around amazing poet. She’s asked me about men’s opinions on women’s hair. Hair on their head, brought or grown, body, etc., So, I decided to tackle this question for the culture. Let’s get into it!

Disclaimer: This is strictly an opinion piece. Nothing I say is a rule and it will contain some loose generalizations gathered from my lifetime and close male associates. There will always be people who fall outside of what I say, so just be advised.


Ladies, first and foremost, before I get into anything too deep, your opinion is the ONLY opinion that matters. As men, we have preferences but nobody should change themselves for approval. The first thing you need to know is that if you like it, we love it. Especially if we met you in your current state, we generally expect that level or greater. This also means that we care most about you being happy and healthy. If your hair is well taken care of, we generally will have no problems.


What about hair styles? I know plenty guys that love long hair. Loose curls, straight, or 6-inch afro, all are acceptable. [Personal Preference Note: I personally love hair that I can play in. It’s comforting to me so I lean towards long natural so I don’t play with your tracks.] On a subconscious level, I think long hair shows how well you take care of yourself. You can tell how healthy someone is by the condition of their hair. Long hair takes a lot of maintenance and energy, so if you are able to maintain long hair, you are commended. Also not that I didn’t say natural or not; it doesn’t really matter. Men tend to prefer your natural hair over bought kinds, but either way it is yours.


Protective styles such as braids and Bantu knots are additional styles that guys love. The give you a different look and sometimes bring a completely different vibe to who you are. Just make sure to properly maintain your hair while it’s in those styles. Still wash, oil, and take care of it over the months of protection.


Now short hair, that’s a different subject all together. Over the past 20 years, female hair or lack their of has become accepted. I know plenty women with amazing haircuts and short styles that really pop with who they are. [Personal Preference Note #2: I love short hair on women. It has definitely become a weakness. I love that it creates a certain boldness in women.] The one thing I must say, short hair is not for everyone!! Depending on your head shape, bone structure, and style, some cuts work better than others. Not every woman can do a fade or pixie cut, but I will say, if you can pull it off, men love it. It takes a certain level of confidence to pull it short hair off. It shows an amazing amount of strength to not hide behind long hair.


The biggest thing is to find a style that you are comfortable with and matches who you are. The more comfortable you are in your skin, the more men love it. So that means that any hairstyle you get, make sure you love it and we will love it in return. However, if we don’t, we will let you know. If that makes you unhappy either change it, find someone else that likes it, or keep it, either choice is up to you.


Now on to body hair. I don’t know one man who likes armpit hair or super overgrown pubic hair. Manicured down low and no/light underarm is preferred. Some men like their women completely shaved down low, but I’ve also heard some men not like it because they “want a women, not a child”. Typically slightly groomed is preferred but designs and names are not required at all. Once again, this is also about what makes you feel the most at home, but Georgette of the Jungle is not cute. [Neither is George but this post isn’t about us for today.]


Body hair on stomach and legs is always very interesting. It typically depends on the thickness of the hair, coarseness, color, and “activities”. If a guy is heavy on body kisses, he probably prefers light to no hair. If he’s not into foreplay, you shouldn’t be dealing with him anyway (Ha). Leg hair depends on if you are sleeping over often. If it is sharp and pointy, most men would prefer shaved.


Pulling it all together. Most men are relatively easy-going. The most important thing is finding what brings out the most of your confidence. Whether it is short hair or long, store-bought or home-grown, take good care of it. Men always lean towards natural, well-kept, and a style that matches your personality/facial structure. If you have a bubbly, bouncy spirit, there are plenty styles that can send that same message. For body hair, lean towards less hair/well-manicured when in doubt. You deserve to love your own body, appreciate it, and to have someone who would do the same.

Moral of the story: Do what makes you happy and take care of yourself.

Bonus Note: You also should be able to expect the same from your mate. 😉

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Hope this cleared up some of your questions. If you have any specific or deeper questions, feel free to place them in the comments below and I will either answer them in the comment section or on a future post.


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