A Moment’s Reprise

I had planned to write about SZA’s CTRL album as I’ve been listening to at, reading the lyrics, and finding interviews all week. However, I find myself with a heavy heart today. The murder of Philando Castile by Officer Jeronimo Yanez reached complete acquittal of all charges today. I’m sick.

I promise I will finish women’s week tomorrow with the SZA post and a Weekend Recap but today I am down. I’m processing my thoughts and emotions as it becomes evermore apparent that Black People in America are always considered a threat, our deaths will always be reasonable, and justice has never been on our side. I try my best to remain faithful but today is another reminder, two years after the deaths of the Charleston Nine, that Black lives don’t matter enough in America. I pray we for all the families grieving at this time.


In the midst of the darkness, we still must shine.

Turn Your Brightness Up!


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3 thoughts on “A Moment’s Reprise

    1. If possible, I will always remember the victims more than the killers, their lives more than their deaths because their presence and love deserves to live forever.

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