Newness on the Way!

Hello Everyone! I apologize for my absence over the past couple days but I come baring good news!

I am back with positive news over this past weekend. I went down to Florida for the One God United – Spoken Revolution Weekend and came back with some powerful connections that will be changing Everything’s Magnificent in the months ahead. I have at least one new writer that wants to start soon and a new graphic designer that will be coming into the fold to work on some designs very shortly.


So, what does that mean?

Everything’s Magnificent will be going through some visual changes over the next couple weeks as I hand over the design elements to a much more talented gentleman than I in that field. We will have a redesigned logo, interface, and hopefully more changes in the near future. This will give me more time to create better pieces that will hopefully connect to you all in different fields.

I am also super excited to have a female perspective on life added to the fold and whatever other skills she is willing to lend. I possibly might add more than just one but only time will tell. Along with Garrett’s travel posts from Hong Kong and a new visual partner blog I am in the process of designing many changes are coming. Either way, I am excited to finally grow the Magnificent brand and create platforms for other people.

Hope you all will continue to watch and enjoy as we grow!

Until tomorrow,

Turn Your Brightness Up!


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