Ultimate Wishes for Changing America Pt. 1

Yesterday I wrote about Religious Bystanders in Politics and racked my brain thinking of the different fields that need immediate change. Last week, a close friend asked me if I had the power to make anything I say come true without consequence, what would I do?

The catch is, I do not know how long my powers last or when they will run out. I told him I would pick the largest wishes first before they potentially run out. Here are my ultimate wishes for making America a better place.

Note: I’m not expecting these things to be popular. I am picking my pie in the sky, super-idealistic wishes that if I was a Politician with a super majority. These would be the first things I would do.


Voting Rights:

Before I dreamt up anything big, I would first reaffirm Democracy. Automatic Voter’s Registration at 18. Local and National Election Days (Only Tuesday) would become mandated holidays to encourage civic engagement. Voting would start on Fridays and go through Tuesdays so everyone has a fair chance voting nationwide. Related: Anyone 65 should have free State IDs to avoid elderly disenfranchisement.


Prison Reform:

Our prison system should return to a rehabilitative system instead of punitive. You should only be jailed if you participated in a violent crime that negatively affects the rest of society. Violent crimes include rape, abuse, homicide, manslaughter, etc. But, it will also be redesigned so that embezzlement and Ponzi schemes will be considered violent crimes because of the measurable negative impact on society.

This violent/nonviolent felony/misdemeanor will make any drug charge of possession nonviolent and no longer a felony. However, if you are caught multiple times with drugs, you will be sentenced to rehab, not jail/prison. This will also work retroactively, and once you have completed your time in prison, you regain voting rights and other rights. The only thing that will be barred from you will have to do with the crime. If you were found guilty of child molestation, you will not be able to work with children, etc.


LGBT rights:

Love who you want. Marry who you want. Use whatever bathroom you need. Cis-heteronormative people, let them be in peace. (I don’t have full research on the rights that the LGBT community is requesting but I don’t see how who you love or how you identify should affect your rights. Period.)


Immigration Rights:

So many things can be said about this one. The process should not take any longer than a month to claim residency. The process is far too long and has too many hoops to jump through. My biggest problem is how undocumented residents constantly live under threat of deportation which takes precedence over their safety. If a flood hits an area, I should not be afraid to go to a hospital, police station, or aid office out of fear of being deported. Undocumented workers are often taken advantage of by big corporations for cheap labor. That needs to stop.

I would make it that if you own or rent property, work a job, attend school, or in any way contribute to a stable tax base now or in the near future, you automatically have temporary resident status. If you need services and are undocumented, you should be allowed to go through an emergency residency process that lasts for six months with a requirement of pursuing long-term residency or nationalization upon activation of temporary residency status. This should not stop you from receiving any services in times of emergency. Deportation or detaining is outlawed outside of violent crimes defined previously. If a person has immediate family members or members that they are responsible for, residency is conditionally offered. In short, immigrants should not be deported if they are already contributing towards society in any way.

I actually have eight more wishes to make off the top of my head. I will continue tomorrow with Part 2. (Any cool and constructive ideas for this list so far? Educate me. [Be Respectful])

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