Completing the Bible

It feels good to be back and I am so excited for the changes that should be happening in the future for Everything’s Magnificent. I plan to be back on my daily writing plan and all is right in the world as I head towards my final year as a graduate student at UNC. On the personal side, I’ve accomplished one of my personal life goals. I’ve finished reading the Bible from Genesis to Revelations.

The Journey from Adam to John’s vision of the world’s renewal and coming of the Lord is a mind altering read. Reading the Bible has been a challenge but I can honestly say I’ve grown in the way I approach the world. I went from religiously apathetic to dogmatic to love disciple in a year. What did I learn?


I’ve learned that Jesus and God the Father are meant to serve as examples for our lives. You see love, frustration, joy, pride, and a whole gambit of emotions exemplified from both figures in the Bible. Yet, after they felt either emotions they returned to a sense of calm and functioned from there. This tells us that emotions are normal and a healthy part of our existence but we cannot be ruled by these emotions. This gave me comfort that when I feel down, it’s okay, but I am not supposed to live there.

Furthering the messages I picked up were to love God above all and never be too stubborn to admit mistakes, change direction, and readjust. Loving God above all makes all of the commandments make sense because they all evolve from love. So, if you love God, you trust Him, respect Him, and revere Him. If you do all of these, there would be no way you put money, sex, drugs, greed, and hate in any form before Him. If you love, respect, and trust God, you will do the same for all of His people because He is present in them just like yourself. You won’t put money over God because you trust He has or will set everything up in a way that will benefit you most in the long run. You see God in everything and because you love God, you find a way to love others.


Universal love should be confused with naivety. God also showed that enough harm, hatred and evil could get shunned from His good graces. However, even in Revelations, the ones left after the rapture were still offered chances to repent and change their lives and they did not. So, this also told me that in the midst of chaos, forgiveness and love will still be extended if asked for. Blessings are not something gated off from us no matter how hard we stumble as long as we get up.

Truthfully, the Bible is a love story the shows someone’s unconditional love for us, and that with trust and faith, we can make this relationship work no matter how many times we must try as long as we continue to try. That’s the amazing thing about the Bible, with all the different writings, stories, purposes, and time periods condensed in the most owned book in the world, it still gives a simple lesson. Love God, others, and yourself without being to proud to change. I enjoyed my read, and now its time to read it again.

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