Change is for the Better (Brief Update)

I haven’t posted consistently in a couple months as my life has more seismic changes. I entering my final year of graduate school with MUCH to do and so many new opportunities arising. I’m scared, excited, and so tired at the moment. I must push on!

The most important update is the blog. I am still working on some design elements that should be changing soon but I just purchased the domain:


This is now the primary domain. will still exist but it will just redirect to I said it before but I do not want this to blog to be about me anymore. I will be sharing my space with other amazing people starting tomorrow with my FIRST feature blogger. She will be posting every Wednesday. She’s a close friend that is ridiculously talented and just overall an amazing person. Stay tuned!

Wednesday: Lumi.Essence

Thursday: Mental Health Story Time

Friday: Daniel Caesar – Fruedian

Saturday: Weekend Recap

Until Tomorrow,

Turn Your Brightness Up!


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