Alabama and Pragmatic Black Voters

Now that the smoke has settled from the heated Alabama election and we push forward towards the largest tax restructure in our lifetimes, what does Alabama tell us about the future of our nation? Why did black people choose Doug Jones over Roy Moore?

This is Part Two of my piece from last week. If you haven’t read it, check it out here and comment with thoughts.

The choice between Roy Moore and Doug Jones was not as simple as pro-choice or pro-gun. The choice for many Americans was about life or death. It was about choosing someone that believes America was better during slavery.


Seriously, Judge Roy Moore has said that America was better when there were slaves because families then were united. There are clips of some of the most precarious statements about how all of the amendments after the Bill of Rights (the first 10 amendments) stop the government from following the purpose of the framers. He follows the birther concept (that Barack Obama isn’t an American citizen), doesn’t believe in the 17th amendment (which allows the public to vote for senators instead of state representatives), and is against the 14th amendment (which allows equal protection of all classes under law).


In short, Roy Moore, pedophilia allegations in tow, does not have my interests at heart as a black male. Slavery is just a footnote to him, and all the progression that has allowed the equality of people in America has been more of a setback of state’s rights than for the betterment of the nation. You know what that translates to me? No friend of mine.

So like usual, the black population, particularly black women, are looking out for the overall wellbeing of the country. Not necessarily intentionally to save everyone else, but to protect themselves, which has an overall positive effect on the rest of the country. Black women voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton, and they voted similarly for Doug Jones.


Prior to the election it was interesting seeing newspapers and people on social media wanting Obama to make an appearance to “motivate” black voters. Questions flew about how to stimulate the black base to help Jones win. The problem behind this is that you can’t campaign 358 days a year to gain the white middle class and a week before blame it on the black voters not coming out.

The Democratic formula is flawed. A vast majority of the democratic candidates are unremarkable. Not saying that they need to be “off the rails”-liberal, but stand up for what they believe in. They continuously choose to be nondescript and mediocre instead of making an impact. Doug Jones was selected by many people in my community, not because of the quality of candidate, but because Roy Moore was such a horrible choice in comparison.


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