Alabama and Pragmatic Black Voters

What is even more telling is the Democratic Party used the exact same tactic as they did in the 2016 elections. Instead of focusing on things the motivate the base to vote for the Democratic candidate, they pushed for people to vote against the Republican candidate. The difference between President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton was the way Obama made us feel. People were excited to vote for Obama in 2008, but felt almost forced to vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016 (I will state that Hillary was/is more than capable for the position). The thinking behind this it to appeal working class white Americans that are on the fence with a moral compass. However, this does not work!!

As we’ve seen in the last election, many people ignored or minimized the problematic nature of 45. His xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny, racism, classism, and ableism became footnotes, jokes, and another day at the circus. However, looking at the percentage of whites from all classes (male AND female) that voted for him, and comparing that to the exceptionally tight race for Alabama, what does that tell you? One, no matter how morally troublesome a Republican candidate presents, their base will rather vote for them or not at all, than vote for a Democrat. Two, using fear to motivate people to vote is effective, but also causes many people not to vote at all. Many Republicans in Alabama chose not to vote at all which still barely gave the advantage to the Democrats.


What is the option for a population the that is most often penalized for all of these issues? Vote for the least problematic candidate. Does the black population love the Democratic Party? No. They really care very little about us in the long run. But if I had to choose between a life of struggle and being slain in the streets, there is a high chance I’ll choose struggle.

45 said something very true when he spoke during his campaign trail about the Democrat’s expectation of the black vote. However, we’ve seen in such a short time about what we have had to lose (health care, taxes, immigration, LGBT rights, and net neutrality). These choices put ours and many other populations at risk for more harm. Black people are pragmatic voters. We look at what and who will do the least amount of harm in a system designed to kill us.


A question arises about why black men are voting Democratic less than black women. It’s simple, and it’s the same reason white women voted for Trump regardless of his sexual allegations or misogynistic viewpoints. Black men still experience the privilege of being men. White women still experience the privilege of being white. Out of some twisted idealism, they believe it won’t be that bad or it won’t hurt them directly… until it does. Black women, on the other hand, won’t take that chance and we are better off because of them.

Where does that leave the Democratic Party? You see a large population of typically disenfranchised voters swing victory in your favor here. What do you do next? Where is the right direction? What are voters telling us? I have some ideas but I’m going to save that for next week. Check back next week for the final part of this series. Leave your comments and questions below.

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