2018: Year of Change and Growth

Hello Readers!

The purpose and goal of Everything’s Magnificent has been further refined and I would like to welcome everyone to Everything’s Magnificent (2.0).

Design Cred: Josiah Evans

The Goal:

Here at Everything’s Magnificent we take our title seriously. We believe that there is light and beauty in all of the world around us. Everything is Magnificent. We are writers and creatives coming from a Christian perspective but all are welcome. Over time, Christianity has lost some of its ability to connect to those most in need. It’s not about dogmatic, restrictive Christianity but bringing it back to what we believe were the core values of religion/spirituality/Gospel. Our central commandment is to “Love thy neighbor”.  Therefore, we have now established four main pillars that every post moving forward will be about.

The Four Pillars are:

Love – Love of Self, Love of Others

Truth – Honesty in all its Forms

Passion – Search for Fulfillment

Freedom – The Process of Liberation

There will also be four sub pillars created from the intersection of the main tenets: expression, dreams, justice, and wisdom. This will mean that we will continue to talk about the tough or difficult concepts of mental health, God, and social justice, while still covering lighter topics such as self-expression, art, and dreams.

(Music reviews, video games, and movies will be eventually move to a new home that will be announced soon. )

Mr. Magnificent:

Over a year ago I started developing a personal connection with God, who is my source of light in the world. I have realized the power and beauty of that light and my purpose is to reflect God’s light. With that said, I want to create platforms and opportunities for people to become their best selves. We all have the light within us, so I am going to help us shine.

From now on, you are not just readers, you are Light Bearers. You have a light and I will always urge you all to Turn Your Brightness Up!


Twitter/Snapchat/IG/Periscope: @MilesMagnifico

The Magnificent Minds:

This year is a year of new partnerships being formed and growth being had.

The Magnificent Minds would also like to warmly welcome our new editor Sunshine to the staff. She will be going back through the archives, reorganizing, editing posts, and making sure everyone has a positive experience with writing and pages. She might also bless us with her words too. You can check out her personal intro here.


We also have new established a relationship and non-exclusive partnership with the Saved & Woke Podcast. The podcast was established by fellow Tar Heel, Juan Tuset, and talks about the intersectionality of the Gospel and Social Awareness. While Saved and Woke is finishing up its first season, I’ll be posting one episode a week on Wednesdays until we are caught up. He’s a little introduction:

1200x630bb (1)

Social Media:

Our Social Media Presence is improving as we have established a Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.  Like and follow @everythingsmagnificent on Facebook and Instagram.

With that said, we are in the pursuit of a Social Media Manager. Ideally, it needs to be someone who loves social media and would manage all of the main accounts. They would also need to align with our vision and long-term goals. If interested, please send a message to email@everythingsmagnificent.com

I have other things in the works but for now, that is all I have.

Turn Your Brightness Up!



By Magnificent Miles

I'm a little dreamer with big dreams that wants to be far from ordinary and go anywhere that's not familiar. The Lord is my guide as I attempt to improve, not just my own, but everyone's quality of life.

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