Put A Ring On It

Is Water Baptism required for salvation or just faith? Mr. Magnificent dives into scripture using the life of Jesus, words of Paul, and relationship with Christ as a guide.


Today’s Golden Verses

Hebrews 11:6 (ESV)

Matthew 28:18-20

Mark 16:15-16

Romans 10:9-10

Hebrews 11:1*

Luke 17:6*

Acts 2:38*


Key Verses

Matthew 3:15

John 3:1-8

Luke 23:39-43*


*Verses I added after the initial scripture reading.


Thanks again for listening and letting me AMPlify your day!

Published by

Magnificent Miles

I'm a little dreamer with big dreams that wants to be far from ordinary and go anywhere that's not familiar. The Lord is my guide as I attempt to improve, not just my own, but everyone's quality of life.

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