13949199-close-up-of-african-man-typing-on-laptop   So, I’ve decided what I will do with my posts on this blog versus Lessons in Class. Lessons in Class from now on will be opinions on social matters, comedy, art, music, relationships and whatever else I can think of. Mind of the Magnificent will continue to post inspirational work, self-improvement posts, reflections and anything constructive. In the process, I shifted some of my earlier motivational work here and cleaned up Lesson’s in Class. From now on, Lessons in Class’s posts will take a little longer so they will now be posted once a week and I will take submissions on topics you want to hear about, ideas and guest posts. Mind of the Magnificent will be my personal journey to being the best man I can be and how to get there. Follow Both!!

Peace, Passion, Love and

Keep Dreaming

Mr. Magnificent Miles



I have finally made a decision on how this blog and my other, Mind of the Magnificent is going to run. After I get a few posts under my belt in Lessons in Class. It will turn into posts about some trend or occurrence or just something I found interesting in Society, Music, Art, Fashion, Comedy, Relationships and overall just opinions. I will also write about topics that get submitted and hopefully have guest bloggers eventually. Mind of the Magnificent, on the other hand, will be inspirational, motivational and other constructive outlets. Either way, follow both to keep up with me. I’ll be posting more soon.

Stay Classy,
Miles Michael