Hey, readers! I’m ecstatic and very gracious for the opportunity to join Everything’s Magnificent as an editor!

I was born and raised in Washington, DC, and have a bachelor of arts in communications and psychology. I’ve been involved with writing and the performing arts from a young age, and have an affinity for creative expression. Naturally, I’m drawn to a variety of areas, and share similar interests and more with fellow magnificent members. I hope to share them in my own words on occasion. As I grow on my journey, and with this blog, so will my contributions to it.


My name is Joy, but you can call me Sunshine. Throughout my life I’ve had the undeniable talent of putting a smile on others’ faces. My charm and good nature can win the world over. However, as I grew older I inadvertently used helping others as a means to neglect my own problems, often in turn creating more for myself. With little guidance, I floated aimlessly for a while in life, but all was not lost as I had thought.

sunshine on the horizon

“Sunshine is sweet; it is good to see the light of day.” Ecclesiastes 11:7

Joining Everything’s Magnificent comes at a time in which I’m rediscovering my light through redefining and strengthening my relationships with God, loves ones, and self. This has been a particularly challenging journey, but I’m frequently shown the fruits of hard work and determination. I have an improved outlook on life, and it betters daily. I take the opportunity to involve myself with this blog as a divine sign. In recent months, my growth has inspired me to promote the same awakening in others that I’ve been blessed to experience. What better way to reach more in need than by offering myself to this platform?

Be Encouraged

Please feel free to contact me at InternalSunshineDC@gmail.com